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Social Responsibility
Our social responsibility has been of utmost importance here at Commerce. As a company, we have made numerous advancements in hopes of benefiting the community of El Salvador for over 40 years.

Commerce has pledged to reach out to support members of the community of El Salvador by doing numerous projects around the community. We were involved in development and supplying of materials to construct a community bridge, a telephone building with facilities, a community center for the citizens, and even roads and road signs. Also, to keep local livestock alive and healthy, Commerce provided barbed wire to fence off a hole that was dangerous to cattle; we have provided new tile for an old bridge; and we supplied a new roof for a church in need.

In addition to these generous contributions, Commerce has attended to the specific needs of El Salvador. El Salvador and its people are known for cotton and clothing production. Commerce provided the community with sewing machines so that they would be able to manufacture clothing more quickly and efficiently. Projects like these are important to Commerce because we value our healthy relationship with the community and citizens of El Salvador.



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